About Us

A mishmash of docs and techies, united by the passion for food “, is how we like to introduce ourselves to you. Over the past few years we wandered all over Bengaluru, dining out and hunting for the most perfect dishes around. Fine dining is always a great celebration for us, as it is for everyone. Commitments at work had cut down our leisure, leaving us with no time to cook and no energy to drive. Our celebration gradually became a once in a blue moon affair. We grew bored of the regular Chinese and Italian fast food deliveries, which failed to capture our very Indian senses and started having unhealthy effects upon our wellbeing.
Then we came up with the idea of Delizzani. We imagined how pleasurable it would be to get the finest food at the doorstep after a long, dreary day at work. A passion for serving happiness to tired souls became our only goal. We had collaborated with the most renowned chefs in Bengaluru and designed a menu arrayed with mouthwatering biryanis, succulent kebabs and more decadent dishes to please both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian palates.
Our food is made from the choicest ingredients, aromatic spices from the coasts of Malabar, mind-blowingly fragrant Basmati rice, freshly picked vegetables, tender and soft meat, all topped off with generous dollops of healthy and wholesome desi ghee.

Delizzani is a delivery restaurant with a cozy sit out @ Haralur Main Road. Our food is sourced from top quality seasonal ingredients, featuring a high percentage of local and organic products. We try to keep our menu fresh and the menu changes every six to eight weeks, offering a mix of new and signature dishes. We consider “Delizzani” restaurant honoring many different cooking traditions and interpreting them with our unique creative vision.

So go ahead! Have a celebration! Give your fatigued senses the feast they deserve!!  Share it with your friends and family for that extra zing of happiness in dining together…

Call us at +918880699000 and expect us at your doorstep with piping hot food, much faster than you can imagine… You will have every reason to say Delira Excira!!